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We have written articles designed to inspire you. Abraham Lincoln once said ” Give me 6 hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first 5 sharpening the ax.

We hope these articles will help you sharpen your writing skills.  Maybe you will gain some insights that will help you write a better story.

We have included links to other articles designed to assist you in writing short stories, novels, or any kind of fiction.

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How Writers Make Magic with Words

writers make magic with words

  Creative writing is like dealing in magic. We create something from nothing with the flick of our wrist and nimble fingers. As writers, our greatest achievement is to create moments that take our audience’s breath away. Just like in magic, there are tricks to learn. Techniques to be practiced and mastered. Like a magician, Read More »

How to Engage your Readers with a Theme

writing with a theme

A Compelling Theme Produces an Inner Richness to Your Story. I know, you say, I am writing a murder mystery, I don’t need a theme. Guess What? Every story needs a theme, a moral premise, if it is to be memorable. From ancient times stories have been told and retold about virtuous heroes and heroines. Audiences Read More »

How to Choose a Point of View for your Story

choose a point of view for your story

Choosing a point of view can be tricky. When John first started writing, he did what most writers do; he wrote in first-person. It was his story and he wanted to tell it in his own voice. His more recent writing  has been done in third person, all knowing. We have found many advantages to third person Read More »

How to Keep a Creative Writing Journal

Keep a Creative Writing Journal

If you have always wanted to be a writer, this tip can get you started. Creative writing can be difficult and challenging at times. It should also be fun and immensely satisfying. If you see creative writing as a job, it will be exhausting. Creative writing allows you to express your own unique thoughts, feelings, Read More »

How to Engage Your Readers

Engage your Readers

Writing is an Art   I like to watch American Idol or the Voice. All the singers sing well or they would not have gotten past the auditions. But each week they become better. If they want to become stars, they have a great deal more to learn, then just singing. They learn dance moves and Read More »

How to Grow Your Creativity

How to Grow your Creativity

Carry a notebook or iPad with you Here is an idea that will help you increase your ability to imagine or write especially visual scenes. When you see something special, write down what you saw. Be descriptive. Use your creativity. Capture your feelings so later, a day, a week a year, you can re-create the Read More »