Prepositions Can be Confusing

prepositions are confusing

  Are you confused by Prepositions? Prepositions can be mystifying. We hope this article will clear up some of the mystery. A preposition shows the relationship between its object and another word in the sentence. We say prepositional phrase because a preposition needs a noun make sense. The noun completes the phrase.   Example:  Up Read More »

How to Tease Your Readers With Hints

hints keep your readers wondering

Category: tension/conflict I love hints. They are one device to keep the reader engaged in your story. A hint can point your readers in the direction you plan to take your character or it can be a diversion to keep the reader guessing about what will happen. I like to keep the readers wondering, so they Read More »

How to Create Sensational Villains

Create Sensationaal Villians

Category: Character Development. Technique: Creating a villain. Every story needs some kind of villain. Something or someone who complicates life for the main character. In order for the hero/heroine to be strong, honorable and passionate, the writer must create a villain who is just as strong, evil and passionate. Even the most diabolical villain can Read More »