Articles for Creative Writers

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We dream of becoming authors.

We want to write meaningful stories. Stories that readers will love.

It takes courage to be a writer. It takes courage to believe in yourself.

We want to encourage you to keep dreaming and keep working toward your goal. Your dream can come true.

We have written these articles hoping to inspire you.

Writer’s Block 42 Mind Blowing Ways To Crush It

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block. It can be frustrating. We have come up with 42 possible solutions. Skim through our list and find the solution that is right for you..

Do You Dream of Being a Famous Author? (8 Tips)

Famous Author

) How to fulfill your dream of becoming a famous author. Are you struggling to write your novel? As writers, we all want to unlock the secret of writing a best-selling novel and becoming a famous author. To be honest this post only covers the basics. But we all know, we must start with the Read More »

Choosing a Powerful Theme for Your Story

choosing a them

The secrete to a powerful story is a powerful theme. Contents: Why do you need a  powerful theme? What is a theme? A compelling theme adds inner richness to your book A theme creates a memorable story Consider your theme before you write Does your theme impact the soul? Finding a theme in your finished Read More »

How to Choose a Point-of-View for your Story

choose a point of view for your story

Choosing a point-of-view can be tricky. We hope this post will unlock the secrets. We wish someone had explained point of view to us, in the beginning. When John first started writing, we did what most writers do; we wrote in first-person. It was John’s story and he wanted to tell it in his own voice. Our Read More »