Boost Your Creativity (42 fun ways)

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Do you really want to become more creative? How much do you want it? Do you want to increase your creativity enough to actually try a new idea? We have 42 ideas. Pick one or maybe two and try them.

Is that so complicated? The question is: do you want to be more creative or are you just dreaming, just wishing? Or are you ready to jump in and make it happen?

Boosting creativity is like planting a magic seed. The fruit of creativity is a new zest for life, a new awareness of the world around you, and boundless joy.

Creativity is your ticket out of the state of boredom.

Too often we rush through our days trying to complete our to-do-lists. We live by default, helpless victims, only waiting until something happens. Then we struggled to figure out how to deal with it.

Are you tired of your day to day life? Do you feel stagnant?

The first step is to silence that inner voice which plagues us. You know, that voice that says, “I can’t.”

You must consciously stop that mind chatter which names every reason your ideas won’t work.

So long as you continue to listen to that negative voice, your creativity will be stymied. So, tell it to “shut up.”

You may say, “I’m not creative.” But that’s a lie. Everyone is creative to some degree.

Creativity is a skill, which like any skill, can be improved with practice.

Increasing your creativity will add zest to your life.

Now, let’s discover some fun ways to boost your creativity.

#1. Set Aside Time for Creativity

You won’t be able to jump start your creativity if you don’t make time for creative ideas to take hold.

Think of something creative or simply something you have never done. Now, set a date. Make time to do it.

#2. Conquer Your Fearsdon't let fear stop creativity

The fear of making a mistake or failing can paralyze your progress.

Remember mistakes are a major part of the creative process. Thomas Edison failed in over 2000 experiments before he came up with a light bulb.

Don’t be discouraged by failure. Learn from each experience. Then move forward.

#3. Challenge yourself

Let’s not stop there. It is important to continually challenge yourself.

If you want to boost your creativity; create your own opportunities to be creative. Tackle a new project or find new ways to do things.

Think of something you’ve always wanted to do.

Realize, you can do it.

#4. Inspiration doesn’t just happen

writing inspiration and creativity

While we’re at it, search for new sources of inspiration. Constantly look for fresh ideas.

Go to new places. Look at everyday things, in a new way.

Life can be magical if you’re anxiously looking for the magic.

#5. Unplug. imagination & creativity space

We live in a frenzied world. Sometimes your mind just needs to unplug. Too much information can put your mind in a tailspin.

Consider taking a siesta from the Internet for a day or two. You might be amazed at the boost in your creativity.

Yes, you will survive.

#6. Relax.

Here’s one secrete. Relaxing can rejuvenate both your mind and your creativity.

How do you like to relax? Go for a walk? Read a book? Watch TV?

Taking a break from your project, relaxing for a while before continuing, will yield dividends in your creativity.

#7. Boost Your Creativity with Meditation.  Believe in what you do

Have you ever wondered about meditation. Meditation helps silence all those hectic thoughts which plague your mind throughout the day.

Meditation allows you to gain an inner calm while opening your mind to new ideas. It’s one way to pull yourself out of a mental rut.

It’s hard to think creatively when you’re hunched over your computer.

Use meditation to let your mind relax. Let your ideas flow.

#8. Stop Criticizing Yourself.

Better still, remove the pressure of expectations. Don’t expect to be great right away.

Let your mind and heart come together. Practice will expand your abilities. You should be striving toward a goal because it is something you desire. Give yourself time to get there.

Just do your best and see what happens.

#9 When is your Most productive Time of Day?

the creative process

Here’s something to keep in mind, we each have a little different biological clock. This clock tells us when to eat and when to sleep. It also regulates specific times of the day when we feel fresh and alert more than at other times.

Listen to your own rhythm. Discover your biological prime time.

I am a morning person. My husband, John is a night owl.

When are you most Productive?

#10 To boost your creativity change times.

But there is more. Sometimes, working at our non-optimal time of day may boost your creativity.

Because we feel less inhibited. Less structured. Morning people may try working at night and night owls may try getting up early.

I often do my best thinking at 2 AM. Go figure?

#11. Listening to Music May Boost Your Creativity.

While we’re at it, a paper published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed that high levels of noise impair thinking. But a consistently low level of ambient noise increases creativity.

Try these websites:, Rainy Mood, or Jazz And Rain.

Fill your mind with Music. It might help you focus on whatever task you’re doing.

You might want to pick your own CD to boost your creativity. Music you enjoy triggers the brain’s innate desire to detect patterns and solve problems.

Try it. You may find yourself inspired.

#12. Your Creative Spacebelieve in yourself

Designate a physical place for your creativity. You need a solid space, where you can concentrate.

Moreover, include your favorite pictures and mementos. Include a vision board if you have one. More on that later

Not enough space? Try a creative corner.

Your brain will get in the habit of being creative in that spot.

#13. Spending Time Alone May Boost Your Creativityget lost

Sometimes, a little peace and quiet is necessary to get in touch with your own thoughts. Go for a solo walk. Focus on the task at hand

At one time I had five children under the age of eight. Oh, how I loved to lock the door and take a luxurious bath.

I still find I do some of my best creative thinking in the tub.

Try it! Add some bubbles if you like.

#14. Rejection Can Boost Your Creativity

Be honest, none of us wants to be told what we did was lousy.

When John first started writing, he was proud of his masterpiece that is, until we asked two of our daughters to read it. The first one simply said, “it stinks.” The second daughter crossed out about half of his manuscript.

All that hard work. What should we do now? We decided he had a good story. He just needed to learn more about writing. We began exploring better ways to write his story.

Let rejection push you to find new, innovative ideas.

creativity allows mistakes

#15. Freethinking.

One cool trick is called “brain dumping” or “free association.” Take a pen and pad and write whatever comes to mind on the subject you are working on.

Next, pick a word from that section. Put that word of the top of the next page now write words you associate with that word.

The next step is to pick a word from either page, write it at the top of a new page. Now write words you associate with that word.

Don’t correct or revise. Let your mind Free Think. It is amazing how our minds make connections. Use those connections to explore new and original ideas.

This can have a snowball effect. With one idea leading to another.

creative ideas

#16. , Brainstorm Your Idea.

This is a common tactic and business. It can also be a powerful tool for developing creativity.

Find a partner and start tossing ideas back and forth.

Whenever John gets stuck when writing a scene, he comes to me. We begin brainstorming ideas until one of us says, “that’s it.”

We don’t stop there. Now we take that idea and tweak it, mold it, refine it until it works.

#17. Problems Usually Have Multiple Solutions

Start by suspending judgment. Just because it didn’t work before, or you can’t imagine how an idea will work now. Doesn’t mean it’s the wrong idea. Don’t start in the negative.

The goal should be to generate as many creative ideas as possible write them All down.

Search for a variety of ideas. Don’t simply choose the first idea that pops into your head. Take the time to consider alternate solutions.

Next, focus on clarifying and refining each idea. Maybe even combining them, in order to arrive at the best possible solution.

#18. Ask, “What if”

When you feel you’re banging your head against a wall. Utilize “what if” questions like “If we do this, what will the outcome be?”

If you consider the outcome beforehand, you’ll be better able to develop creative solutions, that will work.

If the idea is not the best for the current project, set it aside. Work on it later or use it for a future project.

#19. Boost your Creativity with a Journal.

It’s a peculiar thing about inspiration. It comes in spurts if you don’t capture those sparks of inspiration when they happen, they will float away out of your mind like a bubble.

The trick is to carry a notebook or iPad with you. If you have Microsoft Note, Dropbox, or Evernote, you can even dictate your creative thoughts into your phone. Easy P easy.

Also make a list of your creative ideas. Write them down as soon as they pop into your head. Writing ideas down clears your mind, so you can move on.

Another advantage, if you have written them down you won’t forget them. Our minds are too forgetful about the little details.

Some of my best thoughts come in the middle of the night. I learned long ago to get up and write them down or they would vanish with the morning light.

Check out our article: a Storyboard Will Explode Your Creative Writing

journal always carry 2 books

#20. Make Creativity a Game.

Find someone or several people to make your own creativity game. We have created a Writing Prompts Game. You can play it by yourself , with a friend or even at a party. Simply download the game and start playing.

Here are two websites with writing prompts. Or

You can simply ask provocative “what if” questions.

Let each person come up with a different idea, to start a new game. Remember it should be fun.

Tease the idea, stretch it, and play with it until it becomes a new creation.

#21. Try Yoga to Boost Your boost creativity yogaCreativity.

Some believe that certain yoga poses like child’s pose and pigeon pose, can boost your creativity.

I’m not promising you anything, but there are other proven benefits to yoga such as lowering your stress and anxiety levels. So, yoga may help you relax and unwind. Just think, yoga could be a fun idea with side benefits.

#22. Sleep

When struggling with a problem sleep might be the perfect solution. Sleep restructures new memory representations. Meaning, we think about experiences in a new way.

Try sleep, you might find what you need in the morning.

#23. How About a Power Nap to Boost Your Creativity

This is my favorite. I can lay down for 20 minutes. Fall asleep and awake refreshed. This kind of nap stimulates right brain activity. That’s the half of the brain responsible for your creativity.

I realize not everyone can power nap. But it is worth a try.

#24. Believe It or Not, Play Video Games

Here’s a fun excuse to sit in front of your computer. If you pick the right games, you can energize and encourage a positive mood.

Moreover, you can boost your creativity by increasing your problem-solving skills.

You might want to try: OR both these websites will help you increase your problem-solving skills.

#25. Boost Your Creativity with Problems.

Let’s look at this possibility. This is another reason to keep your notebook handy. Jot down pesky annoyances. Just think, you might come up with creative solutions.

People have made millions by finding simple solutions to common problems.

Don’t sell yourself short write it down mull it over. If you can imagine it, you can do it.

What a man can conceive and believe he can achieve

#26. Create a Private Treasure Chest.

Try this. Collect things that inspire you (photos, quotations, small items that bring you joy).

I love butterflies and carousel horses. When I see them, it makes me happy.

Remember, happy is a creative state of mind.

#27. Make a Vision Board.

Here’s a great idea. Make a vision board. Use any flat surface (poster board, magnetic whiteboard, a wall) to create a vision board.

The purpose of a vision board is to ignite your creativity by helping you visualize your project.

Include photos or pictures from magazines or find photos on the Internet Try: Or Both sites make it easy to find what you need since all the pictures are indexed.

For great inspirational quotes try:

When John first started writing he created a storyboard to keep his numerous ideas organized. He simply used a wall in his office.

Check out the best way to make a vision board at

#28. How About Exercise to Stimulate Creativity.

Strenuous exercise is a fun way of getting your creative juices flowing. Choose an exercise you enjoy.

One study published in the NHI said, “physical activity is associated with improved effective experience and cognitive processes.”

In other words, exercise combats that mental fog and fatigue you experience from sitting in front of the computer for hours.

So, play some music and dance around the living room. That’s what I like to do.

If stuck at your desk, try these six exercises:

#29 Mind Mappingmind map for creativity

Sometimes we struggle with our creativity. Mind mapping is an easy way to pull ideas out of her own minds.

A mind map is a great way to connect ideas and look for innovative answers to questions.

Create a mind map by writing down a central topic. Next, think of related ideas or terms around the central word. Mind mapping is different from brainstorming in that it allows for branching ideas and offers a very visual way of seeing how these ideas are linked.

As you start a new project, create a flow chart to track your presentation or project from start to finish. Look at various paths or sequences of events that might occur.

A flow chart created from your Mind Map can help you visualize the final product, eliminate potential problems and maybe create unique solutions.

For more details check out:

It’s kind of solo brainstorming.

#30 Look at Something Blue or blue or greenGreen.

This may come as a surprise. But research shows that blue and green colors enhance creativity. Maybe that’s why I love looking at the sky are staring at the water.

One thing you might try is having landscape or seascape pictures in your creative space.

For me, going outside is by far the best.

If you can’t go outside, try sitting by a window.

#31 The “Six Hats” Technique.            six hats creativity

One of the most important things about creativity is the ability to look at a problem from different perspectives.

This tactic can produce more ideas than you might have had by looking at the situation from only one or two points of view.

Each hat is given a color and a specific way to look at the problem.

Red Hat: look at the situation emotionally. What do your feelings tell you? Consider your intuition.

White Hat: look at the situation objectively. What are the facts?

Yellow Hat: use a positive perspective. Which elements of the solution will work?

Black Hat: use a negative perspective. Which elements of the solution won’t work?

Green Hat: think creatively. What are some alternate ideas?

Blue Hat: think broadly. What is the best overall solution?

#32 Switch Scenery to Boost your Creativity

Consider working in a different location.                imagine exotic

Research shows this is one of the best ways to increase your creativity. A new environment will help stimulate your brain. It may even help you think in unconventional ways.

Can’t change your physical location. Imagine yourself in a different place. Maybe sitting by a mountain lake. Laying in a hammock in Hawaii surrounded by a warm ocean breeze.

Obviously, if you can’t change your physical place, you can still spend a few minutes visualizing yourself in an exotic location.

This little trick is a fun way to spark valuable inspiration.

#33 Make Lists

This might be the most valuable idea we give you. Make a list of the things you care about the most. This will help you focus on what is most significant to you.

Furthermore, this list will prevent you from doing things contrary to your best interest.

An excellent way to make a creative list is with the website; and sharing lists will add to your creative process.

#34 Gesture With Both Hands

This suggestion may sound a little silly.  gestures boost creativity

But a study found using both hands to explain something prompts the brain to consider multiple perspectives.

Using both hands may improve your creativity because it causes activity in both your right and left brain.

#35 Follow Your Intuition

Looking back, I believe the best advice my mother ever gave me; was to trust my intuition. She said if my mind told me one thing and my heart told me something else, follow my heart.

I have tried to follow this advice for my whole life. And I’m glad I have.

Don’t concern yourself with what others think about your idea.

Other people’s negative opinions are always quick creativity killers.

Be nice to yourself. Listen to your inner voice. You won’t regret it.

#36 Expand Your Senses

To do what others are not doing you must see what others do not see or feel.

Here’s an interesting idea. Lay down. Look at the world from your back. Observe the world upside down. Use a mirror to navigate as you walk down the street.

See a room as planes and angles. Are the colors brilliant or dull?

Notice the feel of the air and the sounds around you.

Experience metal as temperature, and fabric as texture.

Notice light and shadow. Are shadows gray? Or are they a little greenish or yellowish?

If you want to boost your creativity, expand your senses. Look at the world with an eye for detail.

#37 Dream          dreamers wanted

The subconscious is a wonderful playground. Dreams are a treasure house of images, sounds, and feelings.

We tend to find more creative approaches to problems when we let our mind wander.

We keep a pad and pen by our bed. As soon as we wake, we take a few moments to try to remember our dreams if something seems significant, we write it. Later we add it to our journal or our storyboard

#38 Be Curious

Here’s another fabulous tip. Give yourself permission to explore new things.

Reading about widely diverse topics will open new avenues in your brain. This will also help you make odd connections between ideas.

Pick people’s brains. Talk to strangers. Ask questions. The world is full of different opinions. Seek them out.

Constantly add new ideas to your knowledge base. You never know when those ideas will come in handy.

Through the Internet, you have thousands of years of experience at your disposal.

Never stop learning.

#39 Imagineimagination is power

Wait there’s more. Ignite the power of your imagination.

Imagination is the ability to produce images, ideas, and sensations in your mind.

Tapping into your five senses energizes your body and stimulates your imagination.

So, immerse yourself in your visualization, in order to boost your creativity.

Let the beauty and colors around you fuel your imagination.

#40 Art

Photography, drawing, and painting are deeply creative activities. Getting involved with art is a wonderful way to boost your creativity.

You say, “I’m not an artist.” That’s okay. Try doodling. Let your creativity flow through your fingers.

Take out your phone or camera, take pictures of whatever intrigues you. You will see the world differently from behind the lens.

Photographers and artists filter their world through very personal lenses.

There is no reason you can’t do that too.

#41 Ha Ha Can Lead To AHA

So, what’s the next step?         

Laughter is a powerful force.

Hearty laughter is a wonderful way to jog your creativity.

Creative people can make ordinary things more amusing.

Laughter will jump start your emotional side. Discover that creativity comes from your emotions. So, laugh, smile, have fun.

Even if you’re not feeling cheery, a hearty chuckle can actually trigger a positive mood.

Get silly to be more creative.

#42 Love What You Do.Story edit

Set yourself free. Lose yourself in doing something you love. Love has loads positive energy.

Love will motivate your brain to be more creative.

So, if you’re miserable doing something. Stop. Try turning your attention to something you love. Even if it’s only in your imagination.

Imagine yourself doing your favorite hobby or being with someone you love.

Love is a great feeling to boost your creativity.


Now you have 42 ways to boost your creativity.

Allow yourself the freedom to be creative.

You need to be willing to take risks, set goals, and put aside time each day to boost your creativity.

Seek that imaginative place inside you. Let your imagination grow until it soars. Develop a creative mindset.

Start by taking one step in the right direction. Prepare yourself for step two. Then step three. Before you realize it, you will find you really are creative.

Stop doubting your ability to be creative.

Sometimes the true fun of creativity is the process not the product.

Happy Writing

John & Patty 2019

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