Do You Dream of Being a Famous Author? (8 Tips)

)Famous Author

How to fulfill your dream of becoming a famous author.

Are you struggling to write your novel? As writers, we all want to unlock the secret of writing a best-selling novel and becoming a famous author.

To be honest this post only covers the basics. But we all know, we must start with the basics.

We have put together 8 tips to help write a great book.

The good news is you can learn to write with power. You can learn to expand your imagination. You can eventually become a famous author.

The greatest writings were at first only a dream. Cherish your dreams. The giant oak awaits in the acorn. The mighty Eagle sleeps in the egg.

Our dreams are the seedlings of our future reality.

Creative writing is a magical journey. It’s not necessary to be an expert in the beginning. If you want to be a famous author and write a great book, give yourself time to get there.

With practice, you can become masterful.write every day soon you will have a book

Practice will expand your abilities and amplify the impact of your words.

Writing is an Art

famous authors are artists

I like to watch American Idol. All the singers sing well or they would not have gotten past the auditions.

But each week they become better. If they want to become stars, they have a much more to learn than just singing.

The most important thing they learn is how to connect to their audience.

Are you wondering how this applies to you? Writers must also connect to their readers.

If you want to become a famous author, start writing. That is the only way to become great at anything.


Becoming a Famous Author

Will Not Be Easy.

You would not believe someone could be famous the first time they sang or played the piano. Why would you believe someone could write a bestselling novel on their first try?

I’ll let you in on a secrete. There is difference between a writer and a famous author. A famous author has learned how to involve their reader in their stories.

Great fiction forces the reader to contribute. The reader expands the story in terms of their own experience, their own creative and imaginative powers.

Involving your audience in your story is the secret to writing a great book.

Writing can be an astonishingly rewarding experience.

Writing is also an immensely creative process.

There are Three Ways to BecomeI want to be a famous author

A Famous Author.

#1 Build an Author Website.

This may seem a little off track, but if you want to be ahead of other authors, try building your own website or blog.

Write articles or short stories. Learn how to write.

Blogging is one way to start. The more posts you write the easier it will be to gain popularity. On top of that, your writing will become better.

If you want others to read your books, you need to generate fans and followers on social media.Unless you are popular on social media, you are not popular at all today!

If you want to be a famous author, you need as many followers and fans on social media as you can get.

This is the course John and I have chosen.

believe and you can achieve

#2 Write Short Stories

The second way is by submitting stories and articles for publication.  This is a wonderful way to  learn how to connect to your readers.

Here are three communities where you can share your passion with like minded people. Share your writing and read stories from other writers. Is a writing group and online workshop where you can give and receive critiques from other writers. Has workshops and peer reviews. This is a membership site. The membership is free. You are asked to review other writers in the community and then they will review your work.

Doing this will give you insights into the publishing world.

We have done this also.

#3 Start Your Novel

The third way to become a famous author is to take your idea and write famous authors editit. Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Make an outline of your plot and characters or simply start writing your novel.

Consider developing a writing journal to keep track of your ideas. check out: How to Start a Writing Journal

Or A Storyboard will Explode Your Creative Writing.

     Once you’ve written your story, revise it. Edit it. Rewrite it. Revise it again, and again, until it becomes great. 

John wrote three books before we pursued the first two suggestions.

The interesting part is; amazingly, it will continue to improve.

 8 Tips for Creating an Absolutely Fabulous Best Seller

Tip # 1 Emotion

Lubricate your writing with emotions. Not just a trickle of emotion, but a tidal wave of feeling that lifts your reader up and makes them feel alive.

I usually close my eyes and think about what I want my reader to feel in a scene. Emotions will actively keep your readers engaged.

Undeniably, great authors have the uncanny ability to toy with our emotions.

Readers yearn for deep emotional connections both in life and in stories. You must help your readers feel the agony, or joy your character’s feel.

Be sure to give your readers what they want. It is through the emotions of your characters that you will connect to your reader.

Let your own emotions flow through you and into your words.

power of your story

Tip # 2 Energy

Emotions are only half the story.

Writing is not just putting ink on paper, it’s raw energy in print. So rev your engine. Demand your readers pay attention.

Sensational books expose the writer’s passion with vigor. So, go inside yourself and discover your passion.

The point is, if you write with passion, energy, and enthusiasm you will wake your readers up. They will feel like someone shocked them with a defibrillator.

Build a sense that something exciting is going to happen in your story. But that’s not enough. Then there’s a small catch. You have to give your reader something fantastic and fascinating. Something that will electrify your reader.

I realize putting your thoughts and feelings on a blank page can be intimidating. But writers who do; write great books.

memorable stories

Tip #3 Memorable

Guess what? Best-selling novels are memorable. Great books have a haunting quality. One which dwells in your readers mind long after they put the book down.

You might ask yourself what makes a book memorable? How can I write a book like that?

Here’s the answer. Memorable books explore human weaknesses and strengths.

Great authors create themes that resonate with readers. Stories with a moral can have an enormous impact on your reader.

Most unforgettable books stimulate the reader’s thinking and make them examine their own lives. Does that make sense?

For more about this See: The Moral Premise

This is a vital point if you want to write an unforgettable novel. You must include a theme that addresses the meaning of life.

To put it differently, engage your reader in a life lesson about values and principles. To learn more see our article about theme 

Choosing a Powerful Theme for your Story

      You want your words to show insights into humanity, characters and emotions.

Writers can transform the way their readers sees themselves and their world.

Tip #4  A Fresh Storyfamous authors write novels

Do you have a story idea inside you? Do you sense you story straining to escape. Your job is to set it free, firing it like a cannon into the world.

Do you feel that tugging sensation in your heart?

If you genuinely want to be a famous writer you’ve got to have a great story to tell.   For help finding story idea see: 42 ways to boost your creativity

Now think about it; is your story unique? Is there something mind blowing about your story?

Here’s something you probably know, best-selling books have unique plots and fascinating conflicts.

Think about some of the most recent best-selling books: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Avatar. Each was a remarkably new and provocative idea.

So, if you want your book to be a bestseller; take your idea and put a fresh twist or a surprising ending on it.

Make your story different and it will become memorable.

reader's experience

Tip # 5 Colorful Characters  best villains conflicted

Stories are about people (maybe animals, or  machines that act like people).

It’s best to write about remarkable people.

Or maybe normal people who do extraordinary things. They can be outstanding people who do agonizingly difficult things.

Think about the most interesting people you have ever met. What characteristics made them standout in your mind?

The key, is to create dynamic main characters who are willing to risk everything to reach their goal. Make them willing to stand by their principles at all cost.

Then you need an antagonist whose tenacity and toughness will put your main character in a tailspin. Your villain must also be principled even if his principles are odd.

  • Create characters that resonate with your readers. Characters need to be realistic in order to connect to your reader.
  • You want your readers to care about your main character. Make them likable and dynamic.
  • Weave backstory into your novel. You want your readers to know and understand your character’s past and how it affects the current situation.
  • Explain your character’s motivation. Even if your character makes mistakes, if your readers know why, they will still cheer for them.

Intriguing characters are gratifying to create.


Tip # 6 Breathtaking SettingsSetting

This is an essential point that many writers skip.

If your readers don’t know where or when the action is unfolding they will be lost.

Remember, your setting is the stage on which your characters act. If you went to see a play on Broadway, you would be disappointed to see a blank stage. Don’t disappoint your readers. Fill your stage with wonders.

Here’s something else to think about, where your characters live, work and play may contribute to their personalities, values, attitudes and even the conflicts in your story.

Breathtaking settings will generally take some research. Stimulate your imagination. Expand your vision.

Create an exciting world for your people to move around in.

Tip #7   A Few More PointersHow will this website advance my writing?

Here’s an important clue to writing a best-selling novel. The opening  needs to invite your readers into the story.

You want your reader to quickly feel a part of the action.

Be sure to involve your readers in the emotional aspects of the situation.

Equally important, create interesting conflicts that pack an emotional wallop. Conflicts that clearly examine human foibles.

Next, have enough twists and turns to keep your readers on full alert. This will keep your reader eager to finish your novel.

Last, but not least, write a phenomenal ending. Something which will arouse and maybe even disturb your readers.

Don’t be afraid to surprise your reader. Maybe even surprise yourself.

talent cheaper than salt

Tip # 8 Write Like a Professional

Here is something we can both agree on. We want to write on a professional level. In order to be a professional author, we must study your craft.

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by trying to publish before you are ready. It will take time to develop your writing skills. See our post Become a self Editing Expert

Don’t be discouraged by rejection. Listen to the whispering of your inner voice. Cherish your ideas. Nourish the beauty that forms in your mind, and  fills your heart.

Can you imagine yourself as a famous author? The vision of your future self is the promise of what is yet to be revealed.

Discover the many ways you can express yourself.

Consistently integrate new language skills into your writing.

     If you dream of becoming a famous author, put the time and work into it and keep at it.

     Learn the craft. Enjoy the journey. Be prepared for the long haul.

We would love to hear about your story. 

We do understand how hard it is to be a creative writer.

Tell us about your journey.

Happy writing.

John and Patty

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