I Want to Start Writing, Where Do I Begin

start writing

How do I Start Writing, Where do I begin? If you want to write, start by reading with a purpose. 81% of people would like to write a book. So, if you desire to become a writer, you are not alone. You may even have an idea about what you want to write. Realize, you Read More »

7 keys Unlock Emotional Power of Your Characters

7 keys to unlock emotional power

 7 Keys to Unlock the Emotional Power of your CharactersThe emotional power of a story is found in the protagonist’s yearnings and aspirations. For your story to pack an emotional wallop, your main character must have compelling personal desire for a significant goal. Think of an objective your main character could desperately yearn for. How can this Read More »

How To Edit Sentences To Write Better (8 Tips)

How to edit sentences

  Our First Rule is: Don’t Edit Sentences on Your First Draft. Relax. Let your ideas flow. Discover the joy of putting your thoughts and feelings on a blank page. Let that spark of inspiration ignite. Don’t throw water on your inspiration by worrying about grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure. When you first write, focus Read More »

Powerful Arguments Will Supercharge Your Story

powerful arguments add punch

Powerful ArgumentsAdd Vitality to Both YourStory and Characters Using verbal conflicts will increase the tension in your story. Tension grips your readers, and keeps your them glued to your pages, wondering where the argument is going and what will be the outcome. Powerful arguments produce plot and character altering scenes. We have a few ideas to help Read More »

467 Phrases to Help You Write Anticipation and Suspense

anticipation suspense boxes

Anticipation, suspense keeps your reader glued to your pages. Download 467 phrases to help you write it more effectively

Redundant Words Disastrous or Magnifying

redundant words

Redundant Words can Be Disastrous or Magnificent Since you opened this post, we assume you want to become a better writer. Redundant words are a nightmare for many of us.. The experts tell us to be a power writer we should avoid redundant words. So, we set out to discover what they were. To our Read More »

Write Anxiety for Your Character With Easy To Use Phrases

Write Anxiety

When you  write anxiety, it is so much easier to simply say he’s nervous, or she’s upset. But that would be telling. We have all heard the adage ‘show don’t tell’. So, how do we make it obvious to our reader that our character is anxious without telling. We feel it is essential for your Read More »

Writer’s Block 42 Mind Blowing Ways To Crush It

Have you ever experienced Writer’s Block. It can be frustrating. We have come up with 42 possible solutions. Skim through our list and find the solution that is right for you..

Dialogue Mistake #1 (How To Fix It)

dialogue mistake #1

The Most CommonDialogue Mistake When we first started writing novels, we often made this dialogue mistake . It seems there are verbs you should never use to replace said in your dialogue tags (also called attributions or speech tags) I wish someone had showed this to us before we had written our first book. We had to go Read More »

6 Tricks to Become a Power Writer

6 tricks power writer

How You Can Become a Power Writer? I discovered a simple formula. I found this method by accident. But all the same it worked for me maybe it will work for you. To become a power writer, you will need to practice. Practicing this simple method not only improved my writing, it improved my editing Read More »