Writer’s Word Lists

words for writers

Writers we are always searching for just the right word.

John and I started creating word lists years ago. We realized our word lists helped us in all kinds of ways.

Whenever we got stuck we would look though our word lists for descriptive words for settings or characters.  If we were looking for story or plot ideas we go to our storyboard.

These tools helped us not to have writer’s block.

You too can build a tool box of words. Think of common things you might need to describe. (Your setting or characters) Maybe words needed for dialog (especially slang or technical terms) Add those words to your Word Tool Box. So, when you need them they will be there for you.

We are constantly adding to our WORD LISTS and our STORYBOARD.

We hope the lists will help you become a better writer. They have really help us.

Our lists are invaluable to us.

Happy Writing

John& Patty

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