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Beware of scams                                        Do your research

Get your dialogue right                            Improve your skills

Help to Write your novel                        Writing inspiration

Free writing courses

 More Amazing websites to Make You a Powerful Writer 

We have collected more FREE tools to help you become a powerful writer. You will find articles, websites, blogs, writing courses designed to help you write better. All of them FREE.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Take your time. Study your craft. Use these free tools.  We are here to help anyway we can. Come back and tell us how you are doing.

Beware of Scams  

Become a savvy author. A lot of people will gladly take your money and then do nothing. You need to be aware of the scams that are lurking on the web.

This writer’s website is a must read, if you plan to be a published writer. Read it before you spend any money.

Free is a site to check out scams and find legitimate agents, and publishers. 

Writer’s Websites to Help you Do Research                                                                        Research Tools

Free Bane of your Resistance. In her website Rosanne Bane, discusses using research in the creative process.

Free Joann Penn has a great article about doing research for your book.

Free Check out world facts for your international thriller at

Free Download is a thesaurus/dictionary. It has an extensive list of synonyms, antonyms, proper nouns. It also has a search feature to help you find just the right word.

You can download a list of websites to help you Research Your Settings

  Newspapers can be a gold mine for mystery and crime writers. Search for ideas or find technical details needed to flesh out your stories.

Free Check out the top 100 newspapers at  Discover obituaries, marriages, and articles.

Free Search historical newspapers from 1700 to 2000 at

Free find any day, date, year at helps you add details to your historical fiction.

Free Don’t forget, you can google just about anything.

said dialogThese Writer’s Websites will Help you get your Dialogue right

Free    This is a really fun website.  is a historical dictionary of American slang. If you need a southern drawl or a Texas slang word, this is your website.

Check out our Post on 50 words to Never use to Replace Said.

Also checkout the post: 78 word to replace Ask (write killer speech tags)

Writer’s Websites to Improve

Your Skills                                                                     writing skills

Free free to join. A community of writers with all sorts of free tools, contests and activities for writers.

Free Authors: Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglist are dedicated to bringing writers wonderful resources to improve their writing.

Free High quality writing tips for up and coming writers’

Free offers a great workbook: Ten Steps to Become a writer.

Free offers a wealth of information for aspiring authors.

Free Get writing tips from Stephen King at

Free Sign up and get a new writing tip every day.

novel writer's websites

Free   has a writer’s toolbox as well as articles on learning to write well. 

These Free Websites Will Help You Write Your Novel         

 Free step by step guide to writing a novel.

Free She shares her secrets about writing especially for the young adult market.

Free How to write a novel.

Free great resource for independent authors about writing and publishing.

Free Is the perfect place to get answers to your writing questions.


has tips, tools, and worksheet to help you write your novel.

Free a free guide to writing a novel.

Free   takes a scientific approach to writing a novel.

Free Novel planner and checklist. planner/ 

writing inspiration  writer's websites

Writer’s Websites for Inspiration                                                                               


Free This blog covers many writing topics: Freelance, fiction, and nonfiction writing, the business of writing, getting a book deal, and the writing habits that will make you successful.

Free is an archive of helpful tips to improve your writing and increase your productivity as a writer.

Free this website offers hope for those who want a career in writing but are juggling kids, work and writing.

Free inspiration for aspiring authors.

Free Jody is a Christian author. Her blog is full of advice, and encouragement for writers as well as surviving the challenging publishing industry.

Free is a community of teen writers who want to learn more about how to finish a novel.

Free sign up to receive daily tips on grammar, punctuation, and writing fiction.

Free is run by a group of authors. They provide inspiration and tips for writers during all stages of the writing process.

Free a roundup of services, resources and tools to improve your writing skills.

FREE Do you Dream of Becoming a Famous Author (8 Tricks)

Free Courses for Writers

education writer's websites

Free has several free courses: How to write a short story, writing characters, How to write poetry. And more.

Free courses gives you access to course material and expert opinions about writing.

If you know any other websites that offer Free help for writers please let me know. We will add them to the list.

If this list has been helpful, John and I would love to hear from you.

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