ASK 78 Words to Replace Ask

Use Alternate Words For Ask to Help Develop your Characters

replacement words for ask

Ask is a common word used when writing dialog.  Any word used too often can become monotonous. Using alternative words gives you the opportunity to add emotion to your dialog.

Like Said, Ask is an invisible word. There is nothing wrong with using ask.

Using alternate words as a way to develop your characters.

One of the main purposes of dialog is to give your readers a glimpse into your character’s attitudes. There is a great difference between a speaker who asks or a speaker who demands. To have your character grilled is very different from having your character asked a question.

Some Suggestions for How to Use Replacement Words for Ask

Words like: pried, jabbed, meddled, interfered, snooped, and griped gives your readers a negative response to the speaker asking the questions.

Words like: questioned, entreated, queried, wondered, and supplicated gives the character asking the questions a more positive sensitivity.

Words like: cross examined, interrogate, investigated, prodded, debriefed, and contested gives the speaker more authority.

Words like: petitioned, complained, appealed, wished, and begged, shows the reader your character’s vulnerability.

Words like: surveyed, calculated, discover, scrutinized, and deliberated shows your character to be analytical or scientific, in pursuit of a goal or a truth.

Use your dialog tags to help your readers understand more about your characters. How a speaker asks questions is often more important than the question itself in revealing your character’s attitudes, and emotions. For more information on Dialog tags see: How to use Dialog Tags


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This is a list of words we use regularly. We hope our list is helpful to you.                                                                                 they ask

Questioned Interrogate Debriefed Tested Opposed
Cross examine Interviewed Grilled To discover Contested
Craved Griped Interrupted Petitioned Demanded
Interjected Disputed Complained Incited Pumped
Examined Protested Doubted Commanded Solicited
Pondered aloud Deliberated Wondered Supplicated prompted
Queried Requested Investigated Encouraged Provoked
Entreated Wished Invited Appealed Plead
Studied Revised Dubious Beseech Scrutinized
Disputed Doubted Undecided Urged Begged
Quizzed Pushed Compelled Entreated Snooped
Pressed Pumped Suspected Dug Jabbed
Distrusted Searched Explored Pried Meddled
Surveyed Prodded Delved Interfered Studied
Explored Calculated Considered Inspected Analyzed
Probed Deliberated Clarified

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