Creative Writing Exercise to Learn New Skills

exercise to write better 

Writing Exercises can help you Write Better.

There is nothing like the joy of writing. Most of us would like to be better writers, but we don’t know how. It is such a life-giving skill to develop!

Great writing comes with practice.

Each month we post a new writing tactic with examples.

One of the fun parts of writing is learning new skills.

You will have the opportunity to practice a writing skill that is taught in the post.

These exercises are not about getting it right. They are about experimenting with something new. Please be playful when completing the exercise.

Join us on this journey to become better writers. Come back each month to learn a new skill.

Tell us what you think in comments. We are continually trying to improve both our website and our writing.

writing exercise

 How Our Writing Exercise Works.

Read the post. See the examples.

Write a scene that uses the tips.

Submit your scene to our website.

Each month we select five submissions, which we feel are the best examples of the exercise.

We post these selections by the fifth of each month.

This gives you the opportunity to see how other writers applied the writing tips.

Once they are posted you will be able to Vote on the submission you think is best.

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Happy Writing

John & Patty

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