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Submission 1

The couple held each other for a long, tender moment. What lay ahead in their future was not yet determined.


Submission 2

Something was not right, his instincts screamed. But he could not. This cipher the strange warning.


Submission 3

I hesitated, death could be just around the corner. I had no idea about their plans, only that I was their target.


Submission 4

It had not been a good morning, and it was about to get worse.


Submission 5

Clara felt the swelling, the upsurge of hope, it had been a while, since she had met such a man.


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                                                                    LAST MONTHS WINNER

“Time is funny, isn’t it?” Drew whispered. His whole body seemed to droop. “One moment it seems to be flying by, at a pace too fast to keep track of, then the next it freezes, standing still so long that you have time to see every detail, no matter how much you want to look away.” I know how he feels. I try to reply but can only grunt. He glances over his shoulder at me as he walks, his sunken eyes meeting mine. “I just wish I could forget. Forget it ever happened.” I couldn’t agree more.