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If you joined us here  at Writing A Great Book, then you want to become a writer.​ 20 years ago my husband, John began writing a science fiction series, called The Light Masters. You need to understand, John is a pants-er (he simply sits down and writes).​ On the other hand, I need writing formulas, Read More »

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HI! Writing novels has been both an adventure and a challenge. Earnest Hemingway said “We are all apprentices in a craft, no one ever masters.”  We are still learning how to write better. We do not believe we will ever learn all the techniques and nuances of creative writing.

Writing Magic with Words

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     Every Writer Can Make Magic With Words Like a magician we must learn our craft. Creative writing is like dealing in magic. We create something from nothing with the flick of our wrist and nimble fingers. Our greatest achievement is to create moments that take our audience’s breath away.