Said 104 Replacement Words for Said

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Improve your Dialog by Using Alternate Words for Said. 

Replacement words can tell your readers how the dialog was expressed, the tone of voice, or the emotion behind the words.

There is nothing wrong in using said. Some writers call it an invisible word.

You can always use small actions to express the deeper meaning you wish to convey.

You should develop your characters through dialog. See our post: How to use Dialog Tags

This list of alternate words can help you do that,



More Expressive Verbs, can Change the Meaning of the Dialog.


“I can’t” she wailed

“I can’t” she confided

“I can’t” she apologized

“I can’t” she pleaded

Some writers use adverbs to express emotion in dialog.

But the Right Verb will Create Stronger Dialog.dialog flamingos


Said teasingly                       Teased

Said  worriedly                     Worried

Said Jokingly                        Joked

For more information about strengthening your dialog check out: Add Punch to Your Dialog


Writing Good Dialog is an Essential Part of Storytelling.

Having a list of alternate words for said and ask, has improved our creative writing. Do you think this list will be helpful to you?

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We hope we hope this list of words to replace said will be helpful to you.

You might want to print or bookmark this post, so when you need another word for said you have a resource.

  Replacement Words for SAID


Agreed Declared Stated Replied Hooted
Shouted Wailed Stammered Spoke Commanded
Whined Scolded Acknowledged Answered Advocated
Dared Assured Called Chided Threatened
Drawled Coaxed Cried Divulged Swore
Addressed Bellowed Confided Denied Apologized
Whispered Rejoiced Informed Blurted Croaked
Urged Snarled Yelled Whined Objected
Promised Objected Lectured Pleaded Uttered
Uttered Protested Pointed out Joked Needled
Snickered Laughed Teased Squealed Hissed
Interjected Worried Volunteered Told Confided
Ranted Scolded Wheezed Responded Implied
Claimed Puzzled Jested Demanded Reminded
Confided Cooed Echoed Disagreed Admitted
Agreed Notified Gushed Hinted Observed
Grumbled Promised Snorted Sobbed Teased
Ranted Smiled Smirked Grinned Praised
Hissed Explained Greeted Squealed Mused
Vowed Responded Recalled Insisted Cautioned
Lectured Hollered Gasped Asserted


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