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How do I Start Writing, Where do I Begin?

If you want to write, start by reading with a purpose.

81% of people would like to write a book. So, if you yearn to become a writer, you are not alone. You may even have an idea about what you want to write. Realize, you don’t have to be a great writer, immediately. The greatest writings were, at first, only a dream. Cherish your dreams. The giant oak awaits in the acorn. The mighty Eagle sleeps in the egg. Your dreams are the seedlings of your future realities.

Where Do You Start Writing?

Reading is something we truly need to both embrace and encourage. Personally, there’s always time to read, because I make time to read.

If you want to start writing, I encourage you to begin by reading with a purpose. Do you wonder what I mean by reading with purpose? Your purpose should be to learn what you love about creative writing. To do that you must read a great many books. All different kinds of books. Discover what you like and what you don’t like.

“Read, read, read. Read everything-trash, classics, good, and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it.”

William Faulkner

 Ask Yourself Questions Before You Start Writing

What Genre do you enjoy the most?

  • Romance
  • New age
  • Science fiction
  • Adventure
  • Spiritual

Do you have a theme in mind, a message you would like to share?

  • Patriotism
  • Environmental issue
  • Spiritual insight
  • Something you are passionate about.
  • Consider how other authors have made their point using stories.
Learn More at: Powerful Themes Make Spectacular Stories

What Point of View do you like best?

  • First person (I, me, we)
  • Second person (You)
  • Third person (He, she, they)
  • Narrator (a storyteller)
  • Alternating Points of view (Several Characters tell the story)

What is your favorite voice?

Would you be comfortable writing in that voice?

Before You Start Writing,

Consider the Style of Writing you Prefer.

Think about how the story is written.

Is the story written in an intimate, personal manner?

Do you love descriptions of nature?

Is it full of technical details?

Does the writer use lots of dialogue to tell the story?

Do you get excited by thriller scenes?

How does the author handle romance: with subtle nuance or erotic encounters?

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

Steven King

Every Time you Read a Book you Love, Figure out What Made it Work for You.

Why did you like it? What trilled you? Did it touch your emotions?

If you didn’t like the book, can figure out why?

You must become mindful of good writing. Great writing has rhythm and flow. Writers call this pacing. For more on

Pacing see: Pacing Like a Pro

Perhaps, you can imagine yourself writing a great book? Putting together a story that will thrill your audience. Can you think of something you could start writing about? There are thousands of ways to express yourself  Seek that beautiful imaginative place inside your heart. Strive toward your goal, because it is something you desire. You cannot fail, unless you quit. Practice will expand your abilities, and amplified the impact of your words..

A Writing Exercise

Before you start writing your novel, decide HOW you want to write it.

This experiment might help you analyze what style you like best. Take a novel you enjoy; find a page you really like. What do you notice about the writing itself? Why do you like it? Analyze it. Write down your thoughts.

  • Are the sentences long and flowing, or short and concise?
  • Is the story filled with tension?
  • Does it include a romance?
  • Was the dialogue compelling
  • Does it include action/adventure?
  • Was the story filled with suspense and mystery?
  • Did the novel have a theme that resonated with you?

Now Look at the Characters.

  • What motivated the characters?
  • Do you feel you understand the essence of the main characters, their goals, their dreams?
  • How was each character presented?
  • Was there enough description?
  • Was there too much description?

Skip to the end of a favorite novel.

What intrigued you the most?

Would you be anxious to read another novel by that author? 

Can you think of a different ending?

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Start Writing

John and I always suggest to new writers, just start writing. Put your ideas on paper. Don’t worry if it is not great. Be prepared to write a lot of bad stuff, in the beginning. Three quarters of writing is revising, rewrites, and editing.

A few things can be decided before you put the first word on paper. The best way to do that is to read with purpose. Discover what your preferences are. What kind of book would you enjoy reading?

Now, Sit Down and Write it!

I rarely end my day, regardless of the hour, without reading at least a chapter and sometimes more. Over time, I’ve learned what makes a book enjoyable for me.

I’ve learned about pacing and how to layer in symbolism. I see how authors use phrases with multiple meanings. Reading has taught me to appreciate detail and admire a well written sentence: you know that Zinger sentence you remember long after you’ve put the book down.

Reading books has shown me how to use foreshadowing and metaphors. Books have taught me to have a subtle theme that runs through the entire novel.

You will never learn to be a good writer until you have learned to be a good reader.

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Happy Writing.

John and Patty. 2021

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