Describing Eyes Is Essential to Describing Characters

Describing eyes has just been simplified for you. We have developed a list of 492 ways to describe eyes Have you ever wanted to describe a character and you could not find the right words? There is no magic formula for character descriptions. But there are tricks. One trick is to have lists of words and phrases you could use. Words which will boost your creativity.

Lists will boost your imagination. Our lists can help you create mind-blowing descriptions. This list will help you amaze and delight your readers with your innovative descriptions.

The Importance of Describing Eyes

Just think if you could have a list of descriptive words about eyes to search through. A list that would help you find the perfect words to describe your character’s eyes.

Word crafting is one of the fun parts of creative writing. Picking the right words makes our stories leap off our pages and into our reader’s hearts. Creating the best descriptions of your character’s eyes should be fun not agonizing. Frankly, it will be more fun with a little help from our lists.

A character’s eyes trumpet their personality and reveal their inner emotions.
Patty Robinson


Keep Reading Included in this Post are 152 words to describe eye color.

Download Our List of 340 Additional Words and Phrases Describing Eyes

  • Use our list of words to describe the physical appearance of eyes. (38words)
  • Words to replace look (38 words)
  • Describe eye lashes (24 words)
  • Words describing eye brows (25 words)
  • Verbs to use with eyes (75 words)
  • Use emotional adjectives to demonstrate personality (140 words).
  • Add those words to the 152 words for eye color found in this article and you will have 492 words to help you write better descriptions of a character’s eyes.

Sounds good doesn’t it.?

I know you’re anxious get our lists. But first we want to give you some examples.

How to Use Our List for Describing Eyes

Lists are great, but we all need to learn how to use the words in the list. So, we have created some examples.

Brown Eyes (Most Common)

Nut brown             Chocolate                Chestnut

Coffee                   Gold flecked            Golden brown

Ginger                   Caramel                   Cinnamon

Mocha                  Mahogany                Russet

Examples: Her eyes were ginger brown. When she was sad, they darkened and dimmed.

I was hypnotized by his warm caramel eyes. When he smiled spots of gold danced in his irises.

The center of his eyes was bright chocolate, mocha edged, with a rim like dark roasted beans.

Blue Eyes

Sapphire               Ice                           Sky-blue

Azure                   Ocean blue              Cobalt

Deep blue           Cerulean                   Blue gray

Glacier                 Cyan                         Indigo

Examples: Eyes, the color of the sky on a spring morning, soft and clear.

Amazing cerulean blue eyes rimmed with long thick lashes. Those eyes suddenly became blue flames.

He squinted through tiny glacier blue eyes, chilling me to the bone.

Green Eyes

describing eyes green

Jade                  Forest                          Mint

Lime                 Olive                             Emerald

Pistachio          Mossy green

Examples: Green orbs with rings of silver, as mosey green and still as water in summer.

Her eyes were deep forest green, that flickered like sunlight filtered through leaves.

Emerald green eyes with slender strands of gold like spikes around a wheel.

Gray eyes

Silver               Steel                             Slate

Metallic           Dove gray                    Smoky

Dark gray

Examples: His hooded grey eyes were cold and metallic, they made me think of polished armor.

Her eyes were the color of a gathering storm. Lightning shot from those grey clouds.

Gentle grey eyes, the soft grey of a pigeon’s wing.

Black Eyes

eyes black

Raven              Chocolate                    Coal

Coffee              Beady                         Onyx

Ebony               Ink                              Night

Obsidian           Oily                            Tar

Examples: Eyes reminded me of Onyx stones, black hard and soulless.

I was drowning in the dark endless abyss of her eyes. Bewitched by her deep black orbs.

Looking into his eyes was like observing an endless stretch of midnight. Those eyes proclaimed that all his hopes and dreams had vanished.

Hazel Eyes

Ever changing             Blue green             Blue gray

Titian        Caught between grey and green

Examples: Her eyes were soft, spreading into waves of sea blues and greens.

Her lush lashes fluttered over luminous emerald green eyes which swirled into Atlantic blue as I stood staring at her.

Dark circles hung like weights under his exhausted hazel eyes. His bushy brows furrowed when I walked in.

eyes gold

Golden Eyes

Wheat                  Gilded                  Cornflakes

Amber                 Tawny                    Honey

Golden brown     Cat eyes

Examples: Her eyes were honey glazed, with a hundred shades of gold reflecting in the candlelight.

His eyes were Amber, like liquid gold, the eyes of a ravenous wolf.

Lavender Eyes (Rare)

Lilac       lavender              plum

bluish purple        light purple

Examples: His eyes were the first thing I noticed. They were oval slits, deep set, and light purple.

She was ancient, with a wrinkled face and swollen arthritic fingers. But her eyes told a different story; they were young and vibrant, lavender in color.

The most enchanting Violet eyes peered at me through feathery lashes.

Describing Eyes ‘Show’ Your Characters Personality and Emotions.

Authors talk about showing not telling. Finding the right descriptive words will help you create mental images of your characters and their emotions. Great eye descriptions allow you to ‘show’ your story and reveal your characters more effectively.

A character’s emotions can be bundled into their eyes. Changes in mood can easily be expressed by changes in their eyes.

Let’s face it creative writing is not easy. Having lists has been a big help to our writing. Lists simplify our struggle to describe things.

John and I have created many lists which we will be sharing with you over the coming months.

We have created the following lists for Describing Eyes:

38 words for eye appearance

describing eyes

38 words to replace look

24 words about eye lashes

25 words about eye brows

75 verbs to use with eyes

140 adjectives to describe eyes

152 words to describing eye color

 That makes 492 Ways to Describe Eyes

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