A Creative Writing Journal Will Boost Your Creativity

If you have dreamed of being a writer, this is a quick way to get  started.

Creative writing allows you to express your own unique thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Think of your writing journal as thinking on paper.

Creative Writing can be fun and immensely satisfying.

It can also be  difficult and challenging at times.

If you see writing as a job, it will be exhausting.

Creative writing includes poetry, short stories, memoirs, and fiction. All of these forms of expression can be improved by a writing journal.

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Starting Your Creative Writing Journal

In the beginning you need to take baby steps.

The most important thing is to start writing. Take the time to write every day. Write about something you know. Use your imagination. You can create worlds and characters.

Soon you will discover the wonderful pleasure associated with putting your thoughts and feelings on a blank page. You may experience a sense of anticipation as you realize you can do this.

The easiest thing, I can think of, is to write about something that happened to you today. I know, you say: “My life is boring.”

Yet, every day you encounter people. Stories are about people. People are always fascinating. So, write about those people you encountered today.

Describe the physical characteristics of the people you met (blond, tall, fat) Try to describe the emotional make-up of the people (lazy, bold, shy). Describe the location (setting).

Convey what they said (dialog). Describe the facial expressions (smiled, scowled) and tone of voice (shouted, whispered), Add body language during the conversation (hand movements or the way they cocked their head).

Now add your own emotions and reactions.

Put that together and you have created a scene. Creative writing is made up of scenes.

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Great writers create scenes that readers can relate to. Every day we experience scenes that readers could relate to, because they experience the same kind of scenes in their own lives.

The trick is to write it down.

You can use a notebook, I pad or just type into your phone and email it to yourself. Use whatever seems right to you.

Consider your writing journal as thinking on paper.

In the beginning, your writing will not be spectacular. That’s okay. It will get better with practice. Don’t edit it. Don’t worry about it. JUST WRITE IT. Tomorrow you will write another scene.

The simple act of  writing every day, will broaden your mind with numerous observations of people, places, and things. You will increase your imagination. Your vocabulary will grow as you search for the right word or phrase to describe something.

Creative writing is good for the brain as well as the heart.

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Find Themes in Your Writing Journal

 As you write you will become more open to insights.
You are essentially having a dialog with yourself.

Write about what you believe and why you believe it. How do you feel about life? What is your world view? What are you passionate about?

Try to understand your relationship to those ideas. The ideas you are most passionate about will make the best themes for your stories.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Think of your writing journal as a space where you can organize your thoughts and feelings     

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Remember stories are About People 

A writing journal  is a powerful tool, it forces you to observe. Try to figure out what motivates people. Stories are about behavior, good behavior and bad behavior.

Eventually you will see yourself growing as a writer.

You will recognize stories and characters you could write about.

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Creative Writing is an Adventure of Self Discovery

Creative writing is an adventure in self-discovery. You want to make a conscientious effort to generate ideas and emotions as you write your daily scenes.

Open your heart with your words. Express your Innermost thoughts about what happened. That is what creative writing all about. Write how you felt in that moment.

Suddenly, you may have a fantastic idea. Stop, write it down. It doesn’t need to be complete. You can expand on it later. Who knows, one of your scenes may become the foundation for a short story or for your best-selling novel.

Gradually you will realize you are learning to write bit by bit.

Another type of journal that can explode your creativity is a Storyboard

Allow Yourself to Dream   I want to write a great book

The greatest writings were at first only a dream.

Cherish your dreams.

The giant oak awaits in the acorn. The mighty eagle sleeps in the egg.

Our dreams are the seedlings of our future.

Expand your vision. Cherish your ideas. Nourish the beauty that forms in your mind, and the loveliness that fills your heart.

writing keep writing

There is something magical about the prospect of having your words read by millions. See Do you Dream of Being a Famous Author.

The more dedicated you are the more valuable your creative writing journal will become. Make writing a habit. Set aside time every day to write something.

Creative writing brings us joy. John and I write together. It makes us happy. That is why we always sign off, happy writing.

We hope you will discover joy in your own creative writing. We are on this journey together.

Writing need not be a solitary adventure. Join us.

We are still learning how to write better stories and improve our characters, just like you.

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Do you have questions or comments.

We would love to chat.

Happy Writing

John & Patty  @writingagreatbook.com 2018

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